TalktoFoodLion – Win 500$ Food Lion Gift Card

TalktoFoodLion is the customer satisfaction survey from Food Lion available at Food Lion designs this survey to improve its customer’s shopping experience and improve its products and services in the future.

You Can share your food lion shopping experience with the company and your feedback about the problems or issues you faced. This survey takes hardly 10 minutes to complete, and you will stand a chance to win one of ten $500 Food Lion gift cards.


TalktoFoodLion – Win 500$ Food Lion Gift Card

If you want to participate in the Survey, you need to have your recent Food Lion receipt containing PIN as an invitation for the survey.

Also, Take Part in the & Wendys.

By filling this Food Lion survey, you ensure that you will get better services on your next service. If you are ready to offer your feedback, follow the below steps to win one of ten $500 Food Lion gift cards.

Step 1: Visit the Survey website at

Step 2: Enter your PIN from your food lion receipt to participate in the survey.

Step 3: Answer all the questions on your screen based on your satisfaction.

Step 4: Submit the survey and fill in your contact details to stand a chance to Win a $500 Food Lion gift card.

About Food Lion

Food Lion is a grocery store chain in America. Food Lion is headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina. Food Lion operates more than 1000 supermarkets in the USA. Food Lion has more than 63,000 employees working across its stores.

Food Lion was founded in 1957 with the name Food Town in Salisbury. Since Food Town was a common name among many unrelated stores, it changed its name and branding to Food Lion.

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  1. moved to marion nc 12 yrs ago did not know were to shop and was told bilo and shopped for years then found that they did not have items which i needed so went to food lion and remained with food lion to this day found everything that i needed and am happy


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