KFCFeedback.com.au – KFC Australia Feedback Survey

KFC feedback is the Guest Experience Survey from KFC Australia, available at kfcfeedback.com.au. The KFC Feedback survey is designed to understand KFC Australia restaurant guest satisfaction and improve KFC fast food products and services in the future.

The KFC Guest experience survey helps KFC attain valuable feedback from its Australian guests. Guest satisfaction is invaluable to KFC, and they take constant customer feedback to improve its restaurants and services. KFC Surveys are also available in South Africa as SAKFCSurvey.

If you recently visited a KFC restaurant, you can share your feedback using the KFC feedback survey, and you will be rewarded with free chips and drinks.

To Participate in the KFC Customer Feedback Survey, you need to have your recent purchase receipt & visit their official online survey website at kfcfeedback.com.au and enter your honest feedback.

kfc feedback

KFCFeedback.com.au – KFC Australia Feedback Survey

If you want to participate in the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey, you need to have your recent KFC Australia restaurant receipt containing the KFC Store number, date, time, & Order Number from your receipt.

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By filling out this KFC customer survey, you will get better services on your next service. If you are ready to participate in the KFC survey Australia, follow the below steps to get free chips & drinks.

Step 1: Visit the KFC Survey page at kfcfeedback.com.au

Step 2: Enter your store number, date, time & Order Number from your receipt.

Step 3: Answer all the questions on your screen based on your satisfaction.

Step 4: Submit the survey and write down the validation code on the back of your receipt.

About KFC

Founded in 1952, KFC is an American fast-food restaurant chain with a presence all over the globe. KFC is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

9 thoughts on “KFCFeedback.com.au – KFC Australia Feedback Survey”

  1. My visit to KFC at Horsham Victoria was the worst Chicken I have ever got, under cooked the coating was like mud and after half of the first piece I now just feel I’ll.

  2. Visit KFC in Portland Victoria, my mother walked in. She placed the order which was meal deals and when she walked out I checked the order and they forget the nuggets. She walked back in and got the nuggets then she came out again and she had too walk back in again because they forgot to place the chips. This is not the first time they have complaints in this restaurant. Like when they deliver food too the wrong house.

  3. just (* 27.2.2023, 12.19 pm) had lunch at kingaroy outlet of KFC. Order No. 206. Wanted to fill in feedback ticket…which said “complete survey in next 3 days for a free 600 ml drink.
    Before getting into any questions, the survey stopped, saying the “invitation for feedback has expired” – less than 90 minutes after I had lunch.
    Can you explain that?

    …Martin – regular customer at KFC, Kingaroy,

  4. In Lismore store, there is no in store menu anywhere. What’s up with that. Staff have to waste time explaining what is available. Non regular customers are left floundering and confused. Stupid idea

  5. KFC in Goulburn is a disgrace. A 40 minute wait to get my order, no chicken tenders in the box, chips were nearly cold. 2 young male staff acting like toddlers, counter was filthy and the toilets were a health issue. The tables were also dirty, food on the floor. The chicken was old and dry. I will never be back. Ps a health inspector would have a field day in this place. Goulburn, Auburn st KFC.

  6. Just had the worst service at KFC, ordered large chips piece of hot &spicy three tenders $14.
    stooped at the pay window the guy said cash or card i replied but how much is it $14 something so i say card ,guy is yelling at a girl ok process the order not just once but 3 times then the guy said drive through
    picked the order checked my order no hot & spicy asked about the hot and spicy but that is extra but i paid for it no you didn’t (me) What $14 .girl said drive around to the first window did that then i got charged $3., so i tell the girl the guy was very rude so she says sorry we have had a bad day.
    drive to next window pick up the smallest chicken drum stick i have ever seen, so i say is that the biggest you have got she just shrugged her shoulders , so i tell that i will the survey her reply AWSOME.
    rude staff wonder if the owners know what or how staff treat customers

  7. I attended KFCStore 2283 ,SteeleSt.&William St. Devonport ,Tasmania today and received great service from a young lady named Montana. This young lady is to be commended as she was friendly ,cheerful and very helpful . As someone who does not frequent this place very often she gives me reason to return.
    Thanks to the team the food was very nice.


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